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Something about the sunshine

Now that your here (now that your here)
Its suddenly clear (its suddenly clear)
The sun's comin through
I never knew
Whatever i do is better with you (is better with you)

There's something about the sunshine baby
I'm seein you in a whole new light
Out of this world for the first time baby
ohh its alright
There's something about the sunshine baby


Chelsea, Chelsea tell me you love me
Chelsea, Chelsea are you feeling me now?
I think it's about time we get down, get down

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A drop in the ocean

don't wanna waste the weekend
If you don't love me pretend
A few more hours then it's time to go
As my train rolls down the east coast I wonder how you keep warm
It's too late to cry
Too broken to move on

And still I can't let you be
Most nights I hardly sleep
Don't take what you don't need from me

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Min älskade hund.

Looking for angels

Going through this life looking for angels
People passing by looking for angels
Walking down the streets looking for angels
Everyone I meet looking for angels

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